20042579_mWhy Yoga?

  1. Easily accessible.  Anyone can do it.
  2. Decreases anxiety and depression.
  3. Reduces pain.
  4. Feel happier.
  5. Keep you mind sharp and help your brain work better.
  6. Helpful in treating sleep disorders.
  7. Effective tool for maintaining healthy weight.
  8. Boosts libido and improves overall satisfaction.
  9. Fortify your body’s ability to ward off illness.
  10. Helps with inflammation.
  11. Makes you look younger.
  12. Keeps your heart healthy.
  13. Less pain and a better functioning spine.
  14. Greater range of motion in joints.
  15. Controls blood pressure.
  16. Helps control blood sugar.
  17. Helps you cope with symptoms of menopause.
  18. Builds strength.
  19. Balance work helps us as we age.
  20. Trains our minds to live in the present moment (this is a biggie!).
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