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A Day with the Angels & Rev. Dianne


A day with the Angels and Rev. Dianne
Saturday October 15, 2016
Soothe Your Soul
Now Located at
The Legacy Center
925 N. Lapeer Road,
Suite 113
Oxford, MI 48371

Come join us as we talk with the Angels. We will discuss the effects of the fall Equinox and how we are doing FINALLY stepping into our power!!! WE will check in to see how we are doing with all the energies that have really gone into high gear, the ascension, where do we go from here, integrating new manifestation energies that the soul will encounter, and how to REALLY tap into that energy! The Angels call 2016 the year of total realization and we will finally step into why we are here. Manifestation is instant and we can now take full advantage of this energy along with learning how to use your intuition to it’s fullest capacity. The Angels have specifics they want everyone to know what so many are going thru at this final stage of ascension, the energies of the March gateway and how they are moving us closer and closer, the really good stuff that is happening because of the ascension, the integration of the higher self and how to observe and not absorb, and whatever else the Angels and the group what to talk about. As always this is a very interactive seminar and group participation is encouraged. So bring your thoughts, questions and concerns! The Angels are going to leave time for all the questions that anyone has, so please make a list and bring them with You. Arch Angel Gabrielle is ready to answer them all along with all the other Angels. Hope to see you there!! This will be a truly ROCKIN’ seminar. Have a heavenly week!!!! Cash payment would be appreciated!

Private Angel reading with Rev. Dianne after the seminar. 30 minutes $55. Call Hannah at 248-236-9855 to set it up or go to and set it up on line. Schedule early they fill up fast.

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Ama Deus Method of Healing Workshop – Level 1 (Saturday), Level 2 (Sunday)


Love is the force that holds the Universe together. Love is the act that brings hearts to the Truth. Love is the act of offering freedom to all souls to be what they are.

Saturday, October 8   11 AM – 4 PM ~ Level One

Sunday, October 9    11 AM – 4 PM ~ Level Two

Cost: $140.00 Each Level

The Ama Deus® method is a healing energy offered by the Universe to enhance our spiritual growth and awareness and to support our physical mental and emotional healing. It was introduced to the Western world by Alberto Aguas, who was initiated, into this method of energy healing by the Guarani Indians. The Guarani, who live in the heart of the Amazon jungle, comprise one of the oldest-living cultures in existence. Aguas was a well-known Brazilian healer who studied with the Guarani and then dedicated his life to sharing the Ama Deus method of healing.

The Guarani have been using this healing method for thousands of years.

To achieve healing, the Guarani apply knowledge of working with energy, knowing that the power comes from a single greater Force. Their word for God and Love are interchangeable. It is Love that is the Power, and they are the ‘channels’ or the transmitters of this healing energy.

During the first level workshop, each student will be taught the ceremonial invocation that connects one to the flow of Ama Deus. During this workshop, students will learn nine of the sacred symbols and will be guided in the use of this ‘Love’ or heart-based method of energy healing for themselves as well as for others. The history of this healing technique as related by the Guarani and Alberto Aguas will be shared.

The workshop will be offered by William Elliott.

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Art of Being a Seer with Denise Iwaniw


Art of Being a Seer
Psychic and Intuitive Development
Workshops with Denise Iwaniw

A Unique Opportunity to Develop Your Personal Skills of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustiance
Tuesday Evening Intensives
with author and psychic medium, Denise Iwaniw

Soothe Your Soul
Oxford MI

Psychic and Intuitive Skills Training
Refining Our “Seeing” and “Sensing” Abilities
Discerning the Real and Unreal & Boundary Setting
Psychology, Psychiatry and Spirit
Interacting with Guides for Concise Information

Relax one Tuesday evening each month and enjoy these monthly intensive workshops which are designed to help serious students of the esoteric on a very personal level to develop and gain confidence in their extra sensory perceptions. Each workshop is unique and presents a diverse curriculum for metaphysicians, mediums, and paranormal seekers.

This is a psychic and intuitive development class. Denise will educate participants regarding the astral regions that lie beyond the veil and how to focus in on them for clearer, concise inner plane and ultra-plane communications.

In addition to enjoying time for practical application of these principles during class, she will teach students how to experience those etheric layers of spirit in a safe and guided way.

Please register for these events by calling Soothe Your Soul at: 1-248-236-9855

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Aura Photos & Workshop


Aura & Charka Workshop with Jack and Susan Lewis

Thur. Oct. 20th, 2016
Soothe Your Soul
925 N. Lapeer Rd, Suite 113
Oxford, MI
6 – 9 Pm
Cost $45

Learn about Life Force Energy. Our vibration is made up by a combinations of our thoughts, feelings, who is in our life and what we focus on. Some people can sense or see the Aura. Using an Aura Camera we all can see the energy of the body. Each color has different characteristics and the position of the colors mean different things. The camera does a bio feedback energy reading of the body through the reflexology points of the hands. It also can pick up information on the chakras as well as these reflexology points are connected to other energy centers of the body. The chakras are wheels of light which help bring in energy to different areas of the body. Each one resonates at a different frequency. The goal is to have them in balance (the same size). Each one tells a different story if they are either under or overactive.

The workshop includes a Powerpoint presentation on the Auras and Chakras, a Polaroid Aura Photo, a Chakra Printout and an individual interpretive reading of your Auras and Chakras. The Aura photo and Chakra print will be taken at the start of the workshop so everyone can see theirs during the presentation. The individual interpretive readings will take place after the Powerpoint lecture.


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Essential Oils & Radiant Skin Care


Join me as I share doTERRA’s natural skin care products which are designed to nourish your skin, helping to reduce the visible signs of aging while also promoting smooth, supple skin. Each product is composed of true gifts from the earth—nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent essential oils, and select natural ingredient. You will love the results, pure and simple.
Being an Esthetician for 8 years, I have used all kinds of products on my skin. doTERRA is truly a high quality product that gives me the results I am looking for in my skin care regimen.
Not only will I go through the products with you, you will have the opportunity to use them on yourself!!!! That’s right, all participants will be giving themselves mini facials using whichever doTERRA product is right for them!!!! It’ll be a fun evening, so bring a friend or make new friends!!! When you see and feel the results, you’ll be so happy you came.
Because this is a hands on class, please register by October 9th.

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Inspiration and Intuition with Pam


As an author, speaker and coach, Pam Belding is dedicated to you seeing yourself with a fresh perspective. She likes to say “You can’t change the past but you can influence the future. Let’s make it a good one!”
With 15 years of experience, she reads the Cards of Alchemy to help you find balance and harmony in your life. She then pulls from other decks for deeper meaning and clarity.

She loves dark chocolate, black coffee and deep conversations about joy and soul development. Find her at Soothe your Soul twice a month and every day at

Call 248-236-9855 to book or book online using the APPOINTMENTS tab.
20 Minutes – $45
30 Minutes – $65

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Lunch & Learn


Soothe Your Soul & Fuel Your Life Cafe are teaming up and bringing you an amazing opportunity to learn the basics of essential oils & enjoy a healthy and wholesome lunch. All while on your lunch break!
Join us at Fuel Your Life Cafe from 12-1 PM.
$15 cost included lunch, class and a free gift.
You must pre-register to participate.

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Meditation for All


Meditation classes/ Mediumship

Offered regularly on the first and third Thursdays of each month, through the end of 2016. Class will begin at 2:00 PM and last approximately 30 minutes. Cost is $5.

Give yourself the gift of inner peace. Learn to quiet your mind and connect with your Higher Self by escaping the noise of daily life. This meditation class benefits people of ALL AGES and ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE, from newbies to seasoned individuals. A short instruction is offered at the start of each session to assist those new to the practice. Participants will have a choice of using either a floor cushion or a chair (provided) and should come dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Classes will be a combination of voice guided and self-guided meditation.

The instructor, Susan deCaussin, is an accomplished writer, speaker, Reiki Practitioner and Medium. Her deep connection to Spirit assists her in all modalities of working with Universal Energy. Through her connection to Spirit, Susan’s words are always powerful, healing and thought provoking.



On the dates indicated, I will also be available for Psychic/Medium readings following the meditation class from 3-5 PM. Call for appointment 248-236-9855 or click on the APPOINTMENT TAB to book online.

10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15

Messages from Spirit with Susan deCaussin – 30 minute reading $40

Susan deCaussin provides direction, clarity and consolation, with the help of Guides and loved ones in Spirit, to those who desire a deeper level of understanding about their life journey. Her positive energy pulls in messages that are uplifting, healing and encouraging. Susan’s wide range of life experiences have given her the ability to connect deeply and compassionately with the clients she counsels.

Susan utilizes her strong connection to Spirit using a variety of modalities, including: Mediumship, Inspired Writings, Lectures and Workshops. Additionally, she is a published writer, Motivational Speaker, and a gifted Reiki Practitioner who also enjoys helping others connect to their Higher Self through Meditation. She is a lifelong student who is continually working to develop her skills in order to serve the needs of others.

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Messages with Heidi


I’ve been a reader for ten years, receiving messages from Spirit through intuition and oracle cards. Love it very much. I also love Art and paint Goddesses, Angels, and Mandalas.
Call 248-236-9855 to book an appointment or select the APPOINTMENTS TAB to book online.
15 minutes $20
30 minutes $40

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Tea & Oils


Would you like to learn more about essential oils while sipping a cup of herbal tea and enjoying delicious desserts made from scratch at Fuel Your Life Cafe?
This is a beautiful way to learn the basics of Essential Oils in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
Class cost is $10 and includes coffee or tea, a treat and a free oil gift.
Must pre-register to participate.

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