Okay, truth is…I stink at keeping secrets.  Mostly because when I get time to share them it’s too late.  But here goes anyway! Our Yoga program is changing hands.  We are offering Hair Services here now and we are starting a new division in our retail area called The Meaningful Marketplace.  Ahhhh!  That felt good to spit it all on in one paragraph.

Another truth…I have always tended to run Soothe Your Soul as one of my children, not necessarily as a business all the time and I am slowly learning (despite my business degrees) that this is a business and not one of my many kids (I’ve already got 5)! However, it is a business that was born in my heart and will always be run from that place and now I am fortunate enough to have Cassie’s heart invested as a partner too. So, while many businesses would probably make grand announcements about new things happening, I prefer to explain the “WHY” behind the decisions we’ve made, because you are the ones front and center in my heart and mind when I think these things through.  I am always asking how my clients will be impacted? What will they think? How will they feel?  It’s kind of a long story and if you aren’t interested in this part, I am totally fine with you skipping to the bottom to see the new schedule and new offerings.  

So, let’s start with Yoga and Hair.  My dear friend Andrea Hardy has been doing my hair for years and years.  A few months ago I was sitting in her chair at her home salon and we were pouring out all of our news and hearts desires and struggles just like we all do in the stylists/confession chair.  She was struggling with how to bring her 2 passions in life together in one space outside of her home (hair and yoga) and I was struggling with how to simplify life and business (a constant theme in my life).  And there it was BAM!! I have extra space. I believe whole heartedly in the beauty and healing power of yoga, and of course there was the selfish thought in my mind that if Andrea did hair at Soothe Your Soul, I could get my roots done while I worked! Ha! So, we both left that day and decided to really think on it and see if we were onto something here.  I had to talk to Cassie and Colette (for those of you who don’t know all the players in this game yet, Cassie is my new business partner and Colette is my amazing friend and yoga teacher who has been helping me run Yoga at Soothe Your Soul for the last few years).  It was important to me that everyone be totally on board if we were going to roll out a new plan here.  I mentioned it to both of them and they were immediately on board.  To make a really long story a little less long….Colette was relived to be able to focus on teaching instead of admin tasks and Cassie was happy about the whole thing.  We worked out some details about where to place things, how to make sure there was no smell from the hair (there’s not) and a few other details (like re-arranging the entire space and putting a new wood floor in the studio) and it is taking shape in a beautiful way! So, we can offer more classes to work with students schedules and offer new types of classes. It is a win-win for us and for all of you.

Then there is The Meaningful Marketplace….if you’ve shopped here before, you probably noticed that we feature a lot of local products and art.  It has always been top of my list to support the SHOP LOCAL movement.  Not only does it make good financial sense, it FEELS GOOD to me.  I like to support people I know.  However, back to the running my business like a business…it is hard to run a business and do what you feel is the right thing, because sometimes the right thing isn’t profitable.  It is a lot easier to cover our expenses and pay our bills if we fill our store with things made in China than it is to fill our store with products we believe in… and that stinks! So, we decided to challenge that belief and theory and try something new.  We’ve asked artists and friends and local businesses to bring their product here.  Let us showcase it and work really hard to promote and share their work and in return they would work really hard to get the word out that there is a really cool place in Oxford that supports local artist and it’s an inspiring place to shop, get a massage, do yoga and get your hair done.  So, we are partnering to promote each other and using social media, networking and heart filled intention to get the word out and change the way people shop.

I’m proud of what we are doing here and grateful for having a new partner to help reign me in and share the joy and challenges of business. I am thankful for our awesome Store Manager, Maurgan who is thrilled and excited and passionate about running The Meaningful Marketplace.  I am happy and excited beyond words to see the new heights that Andrea takes this beautiful yoga program that she is calling Transformations Studio (fitting right?!) and I am grateful for the grace in which Colette is sharing her knowledge and jumping back with a full heart into teaching and doing bodywork.  I am also feeling very blessed by our super talented staff of body workers! We’ve added 2 new therapists this month and you will see their information on the website very soon. In the meantime, please welcome Jill and Donna to our team of extraordinary talent!

Thanks for taking the time to read this note.  I know I can have a tendency to overshare, but I know I am very invested in the local businesses I support and when they change things (or in our case…change lots of things), I am always curious about why. Sometimes I am concerned that they might be struggling or maybe even times I am just nosey.  🙂 So, I want to assure all of you that great things are to come and if you ever wonder what is going on in this crazy mind of mine…just ask! As you can see I like to share!

Here are a couple things you might be wondering about…

  • If you have visits or auto-renewal set up already, your account and credits will all be fine and accounted for.  If you have auto-renewal you will just notice that your next credit card charge will come from The Hair Yogi and not Soothe Your Soul.
  • Your auto-renewal and visits will work the same way they’ve always worked in the past.  Just sign in when you arrive and everything else will be taken care of for you.
  • The class names have changed a bit and we’ve added more classes, but we still welcome and encourage all levels of practice.  If you are unsure of which class would be best suited for you, just ask! We will be adding descriptions to the site by Monday.
  • The new schedule will start on Monday, May 12th.
  • Want to learn all about Andrea? Check out her bio on the Yoga Page of Soothe-Your-Soul.com.


If I’ve missed anything or you have more questions, please feel free to send me an email at hannah@soothe-your-soul.com.


With Love Always and Gratitude,