Reiki I & II -Introduces you to Reiki, increases healing energy in your life, enhances personal growth, qualifies you as a Reiki Practitioner and gives you powerful tools for healing.
The following is part of the Reiki I & II Class.
• the history of Reiki and where Reiki is today
• you’ll learn about current research on energy work and the theory of how it works
• you’ll learn to do a Reiki self‐treatment
• you’ll be taught to do a Reiki treatment on others and have hands‐on experience in class
• you’ll experience a guided meditation and be attuned to level I & level II Reiki
• you’ll learn the Reiki symbols for physical healing and protection, emotion, mental and long‐distance healing
• you’ll learn and practice long‐distance healing in class (please get permission to send Reiki to a friend or family
member prior to class)
• you’ll be guided on how to apply Reiki in your everyday life
• you’ll learn about how to tap into your intuition which is naturally increased with the attunements
• information about the chakras will be taught
• you’ll experience increased receptivity to life force energy or “ki”
• a 21 day chakra cleanse will be activated
• and you’ll receive a Reiki manual and certificate of completion to take home with you.
Course fee: $350. ($100 deposit due at registration)


About Teri:

Teri has over 20 years of training in mindful, heart centered energy work.  She is a Reiki Master and Certified Intuitive Practitioner with additional certifications in Theta Healing and Pranic Healing.  Teri is currently enrolled in an Acupressure Mastery Program and has been utilizing Acupressure in her work for over five years, particularly with Acupressure Facelift techniques.

She considers herself a “Soulcial Activist” and works as a Shamanic Practitioner, providing Soul Retrieval, Soul Alchemy and Shamanic Reiki for her clients, both live and remotely. In her words: “Although I am practiced in many forms of energy work, ultimately it is YOU that will be your own healer. I am simply a vehicle to help you arrive at the end result – a soulful living lifestyle that includes living your passion and your purpose, with grace and ease.”  Hear her every Monday “LIVE” as the host of Soulful Living at Empower Radio.  Find out more about her work at SoulcialLiving.com.


About Annette:

Annette has been offering hands on and distant Reiki sessions with family and friends and others in the community for almost 20 years.  She teaches Reiki classes and, since 2011, she has been teaching Reiki at Henry Ford Hospital as a volunteer, providing patients with the ability to continue their healing journeys through self healing.
Annette is a Certified Intuitive Practitioner, working with others for manifesting and healing, and as a clear conduit for spirit and divine guidance for the client’s highest good.  She is also experienced with Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval, which involves repairing energy lost through shock, such as an emotional or physical trauma. She has also studied Theta Healing.